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Non-interactive Blind Signatures for Random Messages

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posted on 2024-03-19, 10:48 authored by Lucjan HanzlikLucjan Hanzlik

nd signatures allow a signer to issue signatures on messages chosen by the signature recipient. The main property is that the recipient's message is hidden from the signer. There are many applications, including Chaum's e-cash system and Privacy Pass, where no special distribution of the signed message is required, and the message can be random. Interestingly, existing notions do not consider this practical use case separately.

In this paper, we show that constraining the recipient's choice over the message distribution spawns a surprising new primitive that improves the well-established state-of-the-art. We formalize this concept by introducing the notion of non-interactive blind signatures (NIBS). Informally, the signer can create a presignature with a specific recipient in mind, identifiable via a public key. The recipient can use her secret key to finalize it and receive a blind signature on a random message determined by the finalization process. The key idea is that online interaction between the signer and recipient is unnecessary. We show an efficient instantiation of NIBS in the random oracle model from signatures on equivalence classes.

The exciting part is that, in this case, for the recipient's public key, we can use preexisting keys for Schnorr, ECDSA signatures, El-Gamal encryption scheme, or even the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. Reusing preexisting public keys allows us to distribute anonymous tokens similarly to cryptocurrency airdropping. Additional contributions include tagged non-interactive blind signatures (TNIBS) and their efficient instantiation. A generic construction in the random oracle or common reference string model based on verifiable random functions, standard signatures, and non-interactive proof systems.


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  • Algorithmic Foundations and Cryptography

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International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptographic Techniques (EuroCrypt)



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